Mediakom Trisakti approaches to teaching design and graphic technology reflects a strong belief that the disciplines – in its many forms – are both complex and constantly moving forwards. Future designers have to be better equipped to meet future challenges.

Mediakom Trisakti consists of 2 academic departments; Department of Graphic Technology and Department of Visual Communication Design that offers programs in Advertising and Interactive Media. 

These programs range from the highly conceptual to the deeply practical, however all share a strong culture of experimentation and innovation. 

A key signature of Mediakom Trisakti is that programs collaborate and innovate with industry partners. Through this, a lively environment is created where interdisciplinary projects flourish and develop.  

Individual students are assisted with bursaries and prizes related to their activities as well as sponsored internships, work placements and research projects. 

Started in 1985, Mediakom Trisakti is also known as Trisakti School of Communication Media. It is fully owned by Trisakti Foundation. Other school under Trisakti Foundation are: 

  1. Trisakti School of Tourism
  2. Trisakti School of Management
  3. Trisakti School of Transport Management
  4. Trisakti School of Insurance Business
  5. University of Trisakti